FALL 2020

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The Love Letter is the ultimate form of communication; that is if you expand how you think of the love letter. Love is a kind of story that exemplifies that the story is truer than truth. To communicate that through the letter—specifically through something addressed to another—directs that truth in a way otherwise not known. To each communication of information its dimensions. To each expression of love its outlet. All theory, poetry, nonfiction, fiction is a kind of love letter. Let us loose the framework of the love letter on all language. Open up our declarations towards a model of passion, ecstasy, and care.

For CATACHRESIS Open Online Publication Issue 2 we are dedicated to the Love Letter, to all it brings with it. Form, expression, love, truth. All these and more can be found within the context of the love letter and I extend to all of you the prompt of engaging it. For this issue it will live both on and offline, for are they not simply extensions of each other at this point? Two forms in (at the very least) infatuation with each other.

CONSIDER: Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourae, bird calls, protest speeches, every song ever written especially those not about love, the chemical reactions in concrete, the tender thoughts you have about small animals and babies, a plant growing, historical love letters, love as a concept, what love does and what love’s verbalization does, biomedical augmentation, the digital messages things send to other things, fungal networks, conspiracy theories that grow out of parental care

Submission requirements are as follows:
I)    address the prompt however you see fit, but at the very least let those ideas guide your research, writing, and thought process;
II)    each submission should fit on a single page, front and back, at the size of a pocket book 4.25 in x 6.87 in (with consideration for margins;
III)    the form can take any kind, however consideration for the eventual printing must be taken into account; (unlike the last publication this one is not solely existing in cyberspace, however if it takes the digital into consideration submit two version, one that will exist in the pdf version of this and one that will be printed.)
IV)    The book will be printed on a Risograph machine, so color will be incredibly limited, consider the ways that this will affect the content you submit.


FORMATTING         REQUIREMENTS : Artwork must fit on or already be formatted to (1) Single page front and back at 4.25 in x 6.87 inBe printed in one or two colors on a risograph machine

AESTHETIC     CONSIDERATIONS : Push the format that you are working withConsider the page limitations as an aesthetic decision

CONCEPTUAL         GUIDELINES : You think of the love letter not as a convention, or a poetic form, but as a way to think about the world, a framework and a discourse

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