[INGS] VOLUME I:

The Politics of Misuse

POLITICAL MIS-READ[INGS] is a series interested in engaging with alternate ways of thinking politically. In an attempt to unfix currently fixed political thought, the books will gather together works which tackle a specific topic not often associated with politics. Through this application of concepts, this series will expose how politics works the world, as well as the ideologies which govern it.

For the inaugural volume of CATACHRESIS’s first compendium of thought, CATACHRESIS invites artists, writers, thinkers, performers, philosophers, poets, makers, movers, doers, the lazy, the bored, the complex, and the confused to submit work on misuse. This misuse can take many forms, and a good guiding principle is the very name of CATACHRESIS, which itself has many different meanings depending on how one uses it but is at its basic level a semantic misuse or error. CATACHRESIS is often a figure of speech used to reorient the common usage of a word. In Jacques Derrida’s theory of deconstruction he considers CATACHRESIS to underlie meaning itself, and in Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak’s postcolonial theory she considers masterwords to be an example of CATACHRESIS, “there are no literal referents,” no “‘true’ examples of the ‘true worker’… the ‘true woman.’”

Misuse will be in the submission considered broadly while understanding that a specifics of how you’re relating the misuse and politics is an important component of the submission. Works of writing (essays, poetry, prose, etc.), drawing, photography, performance, print, and so on and so on are considered, the only limit being that it can be at least pointed to by the book form. Collaborative submissions/proposals are encouraged such as, a documentation of a sculptural work that is then written about by another, an interview, a collaborative essay, a photographic conversation, etc.  

Submissions will open up on November 16th, 2018 and close December 16th, 2018. The submission can take the form of a proposal to be finished by January 16th, 2019 or a final piece. A proposal should be 300-500 words, with any supplementary info you feel necessary for me to understand. Any submission of a final piece should be submitted to best represent how it could be printed in a book or pointed to by it. All submissions should be sent as a pdf file to CATACHRESIS.CATACHRESIS@gmail.comby 12am on December 16th, 2018. Any questions should also be directed to